Fat Tuesday

Acquaintance: Mardi Gras is on a Saturday this year. Me: No, it's not. Acquaintance: I'm going to the one in St. Louis. It's the biggest one. Me: Nothing about this conversation makes sense to me.

Eek, it’s been a while.

In 2013, things ended. Some new things began. A few of those have already ended. I'll let you know if anything good comes from the others. In the meantime, listen to more Josh Ritter. (I saw this song live later that night and was in awe. It still makes me want to smile and cry …

“But hearts don’t break, y’all. They bruise and get better.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZOPmUIG6ME Thank goodness for Buddy Wakefield. Happy Friday night.

My guest appearance on Mandy Stadtmiller’s News Whore

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to sit in on a taping of Mandy Stadtmiller's new podcast, News Whore. Almost immediately Mandy, a.k.a. The Pimp of Manhattan, tries to set me up with her guest, Wayne Federman. The rest of the episode is full of hilarious tales from Zany Wayne's career with the …

There are two types of people in my life

1. People who I know from the internet 2. People who look at me funny when I say, "I know him/her from the internet."

Why I was horrified by the Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC ad

Earlier this week I saw a news clip about new standardized tests that are coming to New York. I wasn't paying close enough attention to tell you how these tests are different from earlier tests or what the pundits had to say, but it got my thinking about the standardized tests I took in high …